blip is the musical alter ego of Phil Butson and Chrissie Butson (vocal sparkles).

With strong Gabriel and Finn influences, blip creates a world of colour and wonder, humming with acoustic guitars, grooves, singing electric lines and bubbling synths. 

The lyric explores fresh spaces and an adventurous production keeps the fascination alive in the listener.

Eleven quirky blip albums are now out there:

Jumble of boy, Art of sleep, Finding my face, Toby's early morning swim (an instrumental oddity..) Invisible, Very Green, Well of Souls, Woods of El, Pulled from the Sea, Flying Machines, and the most recent, Imaginary Numbers.

All recordings are available as free downloads from this site. If you like Phil's work and want to say thanks, you can pay with a donation via the donate button at the top of the downloads page. Bless you if you do!

Phil produced and mixed each album and currently works from The Black Box, his home studio in Melbourne, Australia.

You can contact him from this site. He'd love to hear from you.

Phil Butson Blip Music

Phil at Black Box